What’s New in Kitchen Appliances Beyond Trends for 2020

When it comes to remodelling or renovations, kitchens are the most popular spots for such ideas. People tend to upgrade their kitchens more than any other part of their house. Without saying, the kitchen is the most important place within your house. Your whole house and family’s comfort is dependent upon the kitchen.

5 Kitchen Appliances Trends That You Can’t Miss in 2020

Kitchen appliance trends are the recent lifestyle, especially for the modern man. These trends involve a deep connection with technological advancement. One could have never imagined the use of technology for cooking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are definitely a lot of trends to look for when it comes to the modern kitchen.  A few trends that are new to the kitchen along with the advancement are as follows.

1. Bluetooth Synchronization

One of the most powerful trends that are there in the list of new technology in kitchen appliances is Bluetooth. Yes, it’s exactly what you are imagining! You no longer have to depend upon times or long preheat timings. You can literally use state of art ranges to synchronize with your microwaves or other appliances using Bluetooth. Moreover, you can’t just only sync timers but also use other similar automatic functions like the automatic turning on of the lights when in use.

2. Finger Touch

Finger touch and swipe controls have replaced knobs. These work through electromagnetic heat and allow you to control various functions of your appliances just through touch and swipe. With stoves, they also have indicators that allow you to control your flame. These high tech control systems will eventually replace knobs all together.

3. WIFI Connection

When it comes to revolution and technology, one simply can’t forget the modes of communication that allow you to handle your modern kitchen appliances wirelessly.

Now you can simply control everything using your smartphones. This includes being able to control the temperature of your fridge, ovens, stoves, microwaves and so on. You can also easily access many other features. In short, everything is under control as long as you have a smartphone and appliances with WIFI connection.

4. Refrigerator Revolution

Refrigerator being one of the biggest utilities of a kitchen is no exception when it comes to the technological revolution. Refrigerators nowadays are very versatile and come with multiple functions including categorizations and smart technology. Now you can easily compartmentalize your food items and use auto assist features to ease your cooking processes.

5. Steam ovens and Multicookers

Another addition to the modern kitchen technology is steam ovens and multi-cookers. Steam ovens are healthy cooking appliances that don’t sacrifice heat for health. These will give you a healthy and a clean sanitized meal. While multi-cookers are the new trend for food enthusiasts that allow a variety of options including steam-based options while fixing a meal. You no longer have to lace everything with butter or oil anymore since steam-based options allow you to prepare a healthy meal just by using water.

Other than these there are also built-in vacuum sealers that you can get fixed into your cabinets in order to seal your food and keep it fresh for long periods of time. There are also hydration centres that have built-in filtered water dispensers. There’s obviously much more out there that’s become a part of the modern kitchen. People love to personalize their kitchen nowadays and hence bring forth a new technological advancement each day. The only way to keep up with these advanced standards is to keep up with what’s new in kitchen appliances. Tech-based trends only move forward and never backwards. So you can expect that in a few years, customizing your kitchen would have way more options than you can even imagine.