Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy tells you how we intend to use all the personal information collected for our site. Please read this privacy policy before submitting personal information or using the site for any other purposes. We will, therefore, assume that you have agreed to our privacy policy by using this site.

These practices may however be changed at any time without any prior notice. We will however post these changes immediately and will only apply to information and activities not retroactively but on a going-forward basis. It is therefore important to review our privacy policy whenever you visit this site to ascertain that you are aware of how any personal information you give will be put into use.

Note: this privacy policy is only used in this site. If you visit or link this site to others, please check out their privacy policy before using it.

Collection of Information:

We collect information such as names, email addresses; postal addresses e.t.c. when our visitors voluntarily submit their reviews. We use the personal information provided to identify our customers, and the information given is used to satisfy a particular request, unless given permission to use it differently by our visitor, for example, add you to our mailing list.

Tracking Technology/Cookie:

The site may use tracking technology and cookies depending on the services offered. Tracking technology and cookies are used to gather information on the operating system and browser type, track the number of visitors that visit a site, and show how these visitors use the site. Cookies also help to customize the site for any number of visitors. Personal information cannot be collected through tracking technology or cookies. However, cookies may be tied to previous personally identifiable information. Tracking information and aggregate cookies may also be shared with selected third parties.

Distribution of Information:

We may share selected information with companies and governmental agencies assisting us in investigation or fraud prevention. We will do this when:

Trying to prevent or protect against unauthorized transactions, potential or actual fraud.
Required by law.
Investigating fraud
This information will however not be provided to these companies for marketing or any other purposes.

Commitment to Data Security:

We are committed to keeping your personal identification information secure. Only authorized agents, employees contractors have access to this information but after pledging to keep the information confidential and secure. All our newsletters and emailing programs allow our visitors to easily opt-out when he/she feels necessary.

Privacy Contact Information:

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions about us and our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us:

Any changes to our privacy policy are at our full discretion. We will however keep you posted on these changes.