How to Know What to Wear?

Clothing is art but it’s necessary how to know what to wear. You don’t need to follow fashion magazines or blogs to master it, true fashion is timeless. It helps you minimize the perceived negative attributes of your body and at the same time showcase your best parts. Before deciding what to wear, you first need to determine your body shape. Men’s body shapes can be classified as an oval frame, rectangular frames, and inverted triangles frame. What to wear when you don’t know what to wear in summer?
To make the most out of your body shape you need to create an illusion of fitting in the ideal masculine body frame (i.e. inverted triangle body type).

How to be More Stylish – Easy Outfit Formulas Using What’s In Your Closet

Here is how you can make this happen!

1. Men’s Oval Frame

This is how to know what to wear men body shape is characterized by a wider torso compared to narrow shoulders and waist, with shorter and broader limbs.
For this body frame, you need to draw the attention away from the midsection, add structure to the shoulders, and cinch down your waist. Vertical stripes or light pinstripes will serve the purpose as it gives the body an elongated appearance. When choosing the dress color, remember that Dark colors make you look smaller whereas light colors make you look bulkier. So men with oval frames should gravitate towards darker shades.
Avoid hugging dresses and skinny jeans unless you want to look like a Popsicle. Cropped jeans or wrinkled jeans will shorten your limbs, the same goes for stylish cuffs. Choose footwear with a narrow toe to help lengthen your legs.

2. Men’s Rectangular Frame

This frame is slender and long, shoulders and waist are roughly the same sizes carving a rectangle.
You would again want to accentuate your upper body, adding bulk around the neckline. Go for jackets or blazers with padded shoulders and wider lapels. A crew neck with a button-down shirt underneath will also do. In summers, add layers to your outfit, horizontal stripes will create the illusion of a larger chest, throw on a neck scarf to portray build in the upper body, pair it with khaki chinos or shorts.
With a slender rectangular body frame, both extremes i.e. a baggy outfit and a tight-fitting dress will flaunt your malnourishment and direct people’s sympathies towards you.

3. Men’s Inverted Triangle Frame

If your shoulders and chest are broad compared to your narrow waist, congratulations! You have achieved the ideal and most sought-after body shape in men.
Why are you even here looking for what to wear, you can literally throw on a garbage bag and still look great. Showoff your John Cena-ish assets with solid colors, let the ripples do the talking!
Experiment with slim fit shirts, polos, v neckline, and printed tees. Double-breasted jackets are made just for you. Don’t overdo it though, make it look effortless. Try to add bulk to your lower body, wear straight-cut pants or chinos paired with a tailored top
and high-profile sneakers to add heft to your lower half.  Avoid bulky tops, padded shoulders, and Skinny pants for they underline depletion of legs and you may end up looking like an inverted pyramid.

So this is how to know what to wear for your body shape. There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on your wardrobe, collecting outfits to imitate your idol/s and later realizing that you look nothing like them. A good tailor can do wonders to your wardrobe and customize your dresses according to your physique.