Best Police Duty Belt Setup of 2020 Reviewed

The best police duty belt setup those from our selection can make life a lot easier and comfortable when lugging around weapons, ammunition, handcuffs, batons and all the other gear essential for the job.

Military personnel, Law enforcement and security guards need to carry a variety of tactical equipment at all times, some of this can be quite heavy.

The List of 6 Police Duty Belt Setup 

ProductStyle ColorBrandPrice
Klik BeltDouble Ring Matte BlackKlik Check Price!
CQR CLSLBuckle MultipleCQR Check Price!
BLACKHAWKDouble RingGreyBLACKHAWK Check Price!
The Ultimate SimpleBlackRelentless Check Price!
Uncle Mike’sStylishBlackUncle Mike's Check Price!
Nylon TacticalSimpleSkin GoldenNylon Tactical Check Price!

1) Klik Belt, World’s Strongest 2-Ply Tactical Belt for Law Enforcement 


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This strongest rigger black tactical belts 1.5 inch reinforced webbing belt provides a strong and secure platform for your Keys, flashlights and any other gear you need and it is stylish enough for discreet everyday carry.

Waistband is applicable to all kinds of overalls, tactical trousers, casual pants, and outdoor trousers also outdoor uses such as outward bound training like outdoor rock climbing, tactics and prompt drop.

The buckle is made from aviation class 7075 aluminum alloy and processing fully advanced CNC machined, It can endure impact of 9,000N without deformation/damage, ensuring that it will not break off in case of the external force.

The industrial hook and loop has a minimum cycle life of 10,000 open/close operations before it lose and if just one tab is engaged, the connection will still hold and fully re-lock on its own.

Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality of strongest duty belts when you push the golden tabs down at the same time, that allows you to open the belt without unthreading the hardware to make things easy in the restroom or anywhere you need to change clothes.

The most advanced best duty belt is for everyday carry, quick release and strongest support. With sturdy quality, this belt also features simple but fashionable design. It is very easy to use and release. It will defintely make you look great…


  • Strongest Buckle.
  • Stuedy Belt.
  • Quick Release.
  • Fully CNC machined from aluminum alloy , Adjuster bar is stainless steel.

2) CQR CLSL Tactical Belt, Heavy Duty Belt, Military Style Nylon

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Best duty belts are constructed very well with military standard and law enforcement design. This belt having military Specification standard design for durability, ruggedness and also reliability.

This belt is Rip-resistant 1.5″ single layer nylon webbing.Buckle of this belt made from Non-metal sturdy plastic polymer. Because of this never worry about TSA or metal detector security.

This belt have two rear inserted pockets with velcro flap design. Best duty belt have feature of exceptional versatility crafted with a simple and efficient design. This best duty belt perfect for each and every occasion yet rugged for lots of applications. An easy thread belt tip ensures fast on and off…

This belt is relatively inexpensive, virtually indestructible also lightweight. CQR Tactical Belt available in the size as Small (W28 – 30), Medium (W32 – 34), Large (W36 – 38), XL (W40 – 42), XXL (W44 – 46).


  • Easy thread belt tip ensures fast on and off.
  • Perfect for each & every occasion yet rugged for lots of applications.
  • Exceptional versatility crafted with a simple and efficient design.
  • Two rear inserted pockets with velcro flap design.
  • Having Non-metal sturdy plastic polymer buckle.

3) BLACKHAWK! 44B4LGBK Black Reinforced 2-Inch 

best police duty belts

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These best police duty belt setup provides traditional looking yet street-tough duty gear. It has combined the crisp, professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasion resistance.

You have always had to settle for one or other, but now you can have both. Through the rigorous product development, they have found a way to mold, so that you get same great molded look with the toughness.

Duty belt is a combination of high performance, light weight and ability to disinfect blood-borne pathogens of nylon. Added the traditional look of plain leather duty gear. Now officers can get the back saving lightness and all day comfort of nylon with the crisp molded look of leather duty gear.

The best duty belt is more versatile belt. This belt is superior abrasion resistance.


  • Most Versatile belt.
  • Manufactured by ATK.
  • Superior abrasion resistance.
  • Nylon constuction provides the ability to disinfect blood borne pathogens.
  • Propritary 5 layer laminate for years of service.
  • Nylon provides all day comfort with less weight than leather.

4) The Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt | Concealed Carry CCW 


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The best duty belt is made as super thick so you can depend on it to perform like a champ with your weapon of choice.

Load this pistol belt down with all the tactical gear you will need, this leather duty belt can handle all your guns like your Glock 43, and accessories as mag pouches, holster, flashlight, taser, radio pouch, etc, you name it…

This belt is versatile for everyday use. Transitions seamlessly from on duty to off and from concealed to open carry. Wear this belt with the leather holster of your choice. It works with belt clip, snaps, loops or paddle.

Duty belt is USA made from toughest extreme leather. Each of this belt is a single 17oz. This stuff is tough. This belt is looks great for CCW or just holding up your pants. Concealed carry belts for men made in the USA.

Super handy when you are traveling between states that have different laws regarding open and concealed carry. It works with all leather holsters and regular holsters. Have a wide functionality with the this hanks extreme belt. This is tough as an American bull and just as good looking.


  • Works With All Leather Holsters and Regular Holsters.
  • The Thickest, Toughest gun belt you’ll ever own.
  • No sag, No stretch, No break.
  • Versatile for everyday use.
  • USA made from toughest extreme leather.

5) Uncle Mike’s Mirage Basketweave Duty Keepers best duty belts

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This best belt is the best belt keepers on the market. This belt is molded polymer won’t stretch out of shape, crack or fade with age.

This duty belt is surface texture grips belts and won’t loosen or allow equipment to slip regardless of climate or severe use. Product Dimensions are 3 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches ; 0.8 ounces.


  • 100% Nylon.
  • It is imported.
  • Molded polymer won’t stretch out of the shape.
  • Surface texture grips belts.
  • Won’t loosen or allow equipment.
  • Gear Accessories.

6) Nylon Tactical Operator Duty Belt 2.0″ Super Duty Web Belt

best leather duty belts

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Nylon tactical operator duty belt is thicker, stronger, and more durable than other tactical belts.
And with a quick release buckle and 2″ thick Nylon this belt stays tight and hold your pants and gear up. This is perfect for CCW, holsters, and pouches.

This best police duty belt setup is strong enough to carry any type of gear or survival equipment, yet still flexible and comfortable… This belt is ideal for anyone who is in need of a sturdy work belt to carry tools assecurity guards, police, electricians, and utility workers.

Fits Sizes Between 29 in and 44 in, also fits inside normal belt loops, and with No holes in the belt, means it is fully adjustable. Adjust the size depending on your waist and what you are carrying.

With one layers of 2″ super thick nylon webbing this belt is flexible and stronger than other tactical belts. It is made with a premium quality nylon webbing, a quick release buckle, and the best craftsmanship.

This belt is made for real duty work, not just looks and will last for years. This innovative belt is designed to be infinitely adjustable allowing this belt to serve multiple purposes, like a tie down strap, tourniquet, safety strap. There is no holes in the belt means it is adjustable to any waist size.


  • Best quality product.
  • Infinitely Adjustable.
  • Thicker, Stronger, and More Durable.
  • Quick Release Buckle and 2″ thick Nylon.