Best Neck Wallet For Travel Reviews 2020

There are different types of travel neck wallets can have with jeans belts all are available in the market. While choosing the best neck wallet for travel some points need to consider that are size, strap, no. of pockets, and also material. Nowadays most travel neck wallets made from RFID- blocking material to protect your important document, money, etc. Also, they having water resistance, zipper pockets to prevent pickpockets activity. Here some are listed.

The List of 7 Top Neck Wallet For Travel

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1) Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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Best travel neck wallet and Family Passport Holder is flexible storage and organization. By using this holder you can stores money, up to 6 passports, tickets, 4-10+ cards & travel documents. Also includes Micro Travel Pen for customs forms.

Use this wallet that protect your valuable and identity. Built in RFID Blocking material safeguards your personal information against identity theft. Make it a great gift.

This travel wallet and family passport holder is durable and easy to carry. This is water-resistant nylon and zipper closure for all weather protection. It fits snugly in your pocket, backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage.

This wallet designed for safe international travel. Invaluable for airports, crowded market places, buses, trains, sporting events and festivals. Keeps everything in 1 place by use of it.


  • Flexible storage and organization.
  • Protects your valuables and identity.
  • Durable and easy to carry.
  • Deasigned for safe international travel.

2) RFID Blocking Passport Holder Premium Multi-function Travel Pouch

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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Dimension of this passport holder premium multi-function travel pouch is appr. 5.3inch(L) x 0.1inch(W) x 7.9inch(H), weight:Appr. 0.18lb. Made with ultra-lightweight, water resistant 300D nylon martial.

It is soft against your skin & effectively block the water outside, preventing the water to damage internal items. Simply wear it over your shoulder, around your neck or under your clothing…

Hide the neck wallet under garment,stash cash,bank cards & other valuables from pickpockets. Inside laced with safeguards your passport, credit cards, ID and personal information against electronic pick pocketing and identity theft.


  • Ultra slim and lightweight and superior quality.
  • Keep your valuables and identity from pick-pocketing.
  • Multiple compartments organize all travel essentials.
  • Convenience and portable for travel.

3) Defway Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Hidden Money Pouch & Neck Passport Holder

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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This travel neck wallet is 14 centimeters high and 0.5 centimeters wide. The light durable nylon material make it easy to carry, and also the well-designed strap and breathable mesh back will be comfortable on top of clothes or against your skin.

This is a comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and also water resistant passport holder . The back of it is made of ultra-soft breathable mesh, which increases your comfort by allowing the evaporation of any perspiration.

The zipper of it is made of a strong zinc alloy make it even more durable as compare to other. It having safe and secure built-in RFID blocking technology protects you from high tech pickpockets and identity thieves.

Ensure that your credit cards, ID and passport information safe and confidential. Blocking material of it will prevent thieves and scammers from scanning your personal items like passports and credit cards.


  • 14 centimeters high.
  • 0.5 centimeters wide.
  • The light durable nylon material makes it easy to carry.
  • The well-designed strap will be comfortable.
  • Classic design is suitable for men, women, and children.

4) DEW Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Document Organizer Bag

Best Travel Neck Wallet 2019

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Best neck wallet for travel bag, family passport holder provides RFID protection. RFID blocking technology is an important safety component for modern-day travel.

Thieves can scan these chips to get your passport, photo, passport ID number, and more information. They can then use this to impersonate your family members, opening accounts in your name, accessing existing bank accounts, and causing havoc for you and your family.

Built in RFID blocking material safeguards for your personal information against identity theft. The universal passport wallet stores passport holder, credit cards. Boarding Card, Tickets, Coins, Keys, money, other documents, etc. It can hold 4 passports, 5 Credit Cards…

This is a large pocket for cash and a pen slot on the middle, and one removable keychain. By using this makes your journey comfortable, convenient and wonderful.

A pocket on the wallet front for phone or any other thing often use, pocket slots are wide enough to accommodate large cell phones like the iPhone 7 Plus making this one of the most important identity protector essentials for men and also women with removable wristlet strap, keep everything is handy and more convenient.


  • RFID protection.
  • Flexible inside organization.
  • Thoughtful outside storage.
  • Top material.
  • Water resistant nylon.

5) Neck Wallet-Travel Passport Holder with RFID Blocking

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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Travel neck wallet with RFID blocking as best protection travel pouch is a multi pocket wallet. This has four large separate pockets with hidden zippers and with Velcro closure to secure your passport, money, smartphone, tickets, a special pocket for ID…

It provide hidden security. This is special RFID-blocking fabric that protects your personal information and also secure your credit cards from scanning. This is for men, women, right and also left handers. This strap is adjustable easily to any personal needs.

This is a right and left side zipped pocket to right and left handers. The lightweight and slim design of this neck wallet keep it under your clothing to secure your valuables from pickpockets..


  • Multi pocket.
  • hidden security.
  • For men, women, right and left handers.
  • For any wheather.

6) Inspiring Adventures Neck Wallet RFID Blocking Water Resistant 

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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Neck wallets should have 100% RFID protection to protect from high tech pick pockets, also have strong zippered compartments for your cards and coins. This is a high quality large Velcro pockets for your passports, phones and cash, and a comfortable neck strap.

This inspiring adventures neck wallet has got all of that covered, it goes a lot further than your average neck wallet…

Water resistant passport holder is more soft, strong, and very long. This inspiring adventures neck wallets are made from a new silky smooth, water resistant, 210D rip-stop nylon.

It keeps your passport safe from unexpected rain and splashes with the unique, laminated PU water resistant zippers. This neck pouch has one of the longest adjustable (26 inch drop), strongest (double stitched) and  also softest neck straps.


  • Soft, strong, and very long.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Safe from unexpected rain.
  • Pouch has one of the longest adjustable.

7) VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet

Best Travel Neck Wallet reviews

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Travel neck wallet is perfect for travel means that they are comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and also water resistant passport wallet. Designed to offer you a safe and secure location to store valuables, passports, and credit cards.

This travel neck pouch wallet ensures your cards and personal information remain private and also confidential. Feel safe from electronic thieves and pickpockets lining.

This travel wallet features 3 smart storage compartments to easily organize your documentation and valuables. It includes two zippered pockets, one velcro- closure patch , and also an ID window for boarding passes allowing easier security checks .

The best travel neck pouch wallet can carry on with leather bracelets comes with adjustable hook , strap and also loop fastener. This wallet is 5.5″ high and 8″ wide.


  • Perfect for travel.
  • Comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and water resistent passport wallet.
  • Ensure that your cards and personal information remain private and confidential.
  • Feel safe from electronic thieves and pickpockets lining.
  • Flexible storage.
  • Suitable for men and women.

8) Travel Neck Pouch with RFID, Passport Holder,

Best Travel Neck Wallet

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Using this travel neck pouch with RFID no more stress now! There is no need to recall where your id, documents, passports, also valuables are. This travel organizer wallet lets you keep all your travel accessories in one place. With this wallet all your passports, cash, coins, credit cards and also cell phone fits easily .

Enjoy your travel experience with this wallet, because you don’t have to worry about your valuables.

This wallet is designed for you a perfect neck travel wallet which can be used as a passport holder for men or travel organizer bag for women.

This best neck wallet for travel can also be used by teenagers as a school documents holder. RFID neck wallet is made by experienced travellers. As a result it combines the features of wallet for credit card and also cash..


  • No more stress trying to recall where your id, documents, passports, valuables are.
  • Enjoy your travel experience.
  • Everything is safely carried in your hanging travel organizer.
  • Perfectly fits enyone.
  • Travel under smart protection.