5 Beauty Tips How to Look Beautiful for a Guy

One of the biggest concerns for women who go for guys or want to attract one is; how to look beautiful for a guy. While it is an overstatement that guys are simply attracted to natural beauty, there’s of course some truth to it. You don’t have to completely go for changing your whole outlook just to accommodate a guy but you can enhance your allure and still be natural. Confidence and self-presentation are literally all that matters because if that can’t attract a guy, nothing else can.

5 Ways How to Look More Handsome and Attractive?

Here are a few tips that you can follow to look beautiful all the time

1. Showering

Showering keeps you fresh and attractive. It’s not just men; a person who showers daily and has good hygienic presentation is going to attract both men and women. You don’t have to literally wash your hair every day. Simply use a shower cap on an off day. When you do wash your hair, do it at night rather than doing them in the morning. This will allow your hair to dry off and settle down by morning. Showering daily is a good grooming routine that can literally raise the bar of attraction for you.

2. Brushing and Flossing

Another reasonable method to attract someone is keeping your teeth clean. We smile too often without realizing it. It’s a good thing since smiling is a huge score when it comes to attraction. Most people are attracted to smiles. Though, dirty teeth can literally ruin it for you. You should visit a dentist frequently other than brushing and flossing. The health of your teeth is a huge model of natural attraction. Other than that, brushing can fix the smell of a dirty mouth. It’s also better to keep gum, mints, or mouthwashes with you at all times so that you can quickly freshen your breath.

3. Use perfumes and Deodorant

Nobody likes to stay close to people who smell bad. Even though we all have unique body odors that show up especially after a good working day, there are obviously ways to avoid smelling bad. Do remember that our five senses matter a great deal when it comes to attraction. A good smell is associated with you would definitely make you more attractive. Go for a perfume and a deodorant that has a good smell. Try to stay consistent with the particular brand or type that fits your body chemistry well. This will make the person you are interested in, associate that smell with you.

4. Skincare routine

Clear skin can surely be attractive. While it is not always possible to stay acne-free but there are ways to avoid skin damage. Lesser skin damage will surely make you appear more visually attractive. If acne is a constant worry for you, then you should consider going to dermatologists. Other than that, simple face cleansers, exfoliating, and using sun protection can literally work like magic for you. You don’t have to go for excessive makeup to look attractive, simple, and natural is the best. However, use products that don’t damage your skin and always wipe your makeup clean before sleeping. A good skincare routine will make it possible for you to look attractive even without any makeup.

5. Styling and Dressing

Your hairstyle and your dressing style definitely matter a lot. Healthy hair looks attractive whether they are open or tied, long or short, and so on. Just pay attention to your hair and they’d do half the job of attraction for you. Dressing too is very important. Try to wear clothes that suit you well rather than going for what’s trending. Beauty standards should not be your scale of attraction. We all have unique and beautiful physiques; go for something that looks beautiful with your physique. Along with clothing, choose suitable accessories that go well with your dress and remember, don’t overdo it!

Take Your Look to the Next Level!

These are a few of the basic tips that you can follow in order to look beautiful and attractive without compromising your natural beauty. Do remember that each guy is different and might look for many other things while going for a woman. However, these general tips sit right with every guy out there. Who doesn’t love a person who smells good and is conscious of their hygiene? The only other ingredient you’d need to make yourself appear pro beautiful naturally is self-confidence. Love what you have and appreciate it; you are the most beautiful in your natural self.