Top 20 Fastest Supercars In The World

Top 20 Fastest Supercars In The World

We all are familiar with the supercar while some are not. The term supercar is may be seen as that it is a luxury, grandeur and high-performance sports car. It is also known as a grand tourer. The term used in marketing by automakers for atypical and expensive vehicles.

The supercars are elegant and sleek, they are fast and classy. These are a high-technology car, expensive and even more desirable. In the modern world, while most can only dream of having them others are ready to pay whatever it takes to own a supercar. Here, we are presenting the top 20 Fastest supercars in the world.

  1. Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the fastest supercars in the world. It is a mid-engined two-seater sports car developed and manufactured in Molsheim, France in the year 2016 This fastest supercar was developed by the Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. as the successor to the Bugatti Veyron. This Bugatti Chiron supercar was based on the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept car. The car was designed by the popular designers Achim Anscheidt, Sasha Selipanov, Etienne Salome and Frank Heyl. The engine in the Chiron has a peak power output of 1,479 bhp and 261mph.

  1. Koenigsegg Agera RS

The Koenigsegg Agera is a mid-engined sports car developed by Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg. It is a successor to the Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR. This supercar was designed by the famous designer Christian von Koenigsegg. Hence the car is identified by his name. The ‘Agera’ is the Swedish verb which means ‘to act’. Koenigsegg Agera RS was named Hypercar of the Year in 2010 by Top Gear magazine because it is too fast. It has the average top speed of 277.9 mph and 1,340bhp.

  1. Mercedes-AMG Project One

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is an upcoming limited-production plug-in hybrid supercar designed by Mercedes-Benz, featuring Formula One-derived technology. The ideal AMG promises to launch from 0-124mph in under six seconds which means that thanks to its AWD hybrid traction, it will get off the line as quick as an actual F1 car. This supercar offers the average top speed of 1,000bhp+ and 217mph. This Mercedes-AMG Project One must be among the most challenging car set-up exercises ever undertaken. It included an eight-speed automated manual gearbox with paddles on the F1-style steering wheel.

  1. Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster is an all-electric supercar made by the Tesla Motors. Roadster maximizes the power of aerodynamic engineering with record-setting performance and efficiency. The Roadster which was a surprise arrival at the start of the Semi truck, uses three electric motors, one at the front and two at the back, taking power from a 200kwh battery pack twice the capacity of the Model S P100D. This Tesla Roadster supercar offers the average top speed of 250mph.

  1. Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is a front-mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer developed by the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari that made its debut at the year 2017 Geneva Motor Show. This rocking supercar is decorated or designed by the famous designer Flavio Manzoni. This Ferrari 812 Superfast has innovative features such as full LED headlamps, air vents on the bonnet, quad circular taillights, and a body-coloured rear diffuser.Ferrari’s series-production big-boosted GT car is powered by a 789bhp V12 that will send it past 62mph in 2.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 211mph.

  1. Lamborghini Aventador S

Lamborghini Aventador S is one of the fastest cars in all over the world. The exclusiveness of Lamborghini design and top version car offers an incomparable driving experience, all of this ability to feed the ego even of those who constantly seek the most powerful and adrenaline-pumping sensations. Among all the car companies, only Lamborghini looks like a luxury car and rocking car. This supercar is made with aluminium sub-frames fore. The engine in the Lamborghini has a peak power output of 730bhp and 217mph.

  1. Dodge Demon

Dodge Demon is latest monster muscle car is a mega-power drag-race special, and its name is Demon. Dodge claims that the Demon will demolish the quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. Weight-saving measures have been taken wherever possible, and even passenger seats are optional.  The Demon’s key development targets were to pull a wheelie and smash the one-fourth or quarter mile in under ten seconds. Dodge Demon supercar offers the average top speed of 840bhp and168mph.

  1. Hennessey Exorcist

Hennessey Exorcist is the speed-obsessed supercar and tuning shop based out of Texas. The Exorcist supercar produced cars that offers 1,000bhp.The top speed is so far unknown, but as the 0-60mph time is sub 3seconds, we think you will agree it deserves a place among most unhinged performance cars. It has a number of exciting characteristics such as you instantly feel as soon as you take it on the road, the damping is inconceivably managed and capable, you can really lean on it.

  1. Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus is an SUV manufactured by Lamborghini who is an Italian car manufacturer in the year 2018. SUV means Sports utility vehicle means it is clear that this car is specially used for sports purpose. The exclusive design of this Lamborghini Urus car is designed by the well-known designer Mitja Borkert. The engine in the Lamborghini Urus has a peak potential output of 641bhp and 190mph.

  1. Bentley Continental Supersports

Bentley Continental Supersports is also one of the best supercars throughout the world. Bentley Continental Supersports is the fastest sports car or grand tourer built by the Bentley Motors that was the British automaker since 2003. It is the reigning speed champ among Bentleys. After the accession of the company in 1998, it was the first car released by Bentley under Volkswagen AG management. This supercar Bentley Continental Supersports provides the average top speed of 700bhp and 209mph.

  1. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The Porsche 911 GT2 is a high-performance sports car developed by the Porsche who is German manufacturer. It is primarily based on the 911 Turbo, and utilizes a similar twin-turbocharged engine, but features enormous upgrades, including engine upgrades, larger brakes, and stiffer suspension calibration. The GT2 is importantly lighter than the Turbo because of its use of rear-wheel-drive instead of all-wheel-drive and the depletion or removal of interior elements. The engine in the Porsche 911 GT2 has a peak power output of 691bhp and 211mph.

  1. McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S is a British sports car produced by McLaren Automotive and designed by the Robert Melville.  It is the second all-new car in the McLaren Super Series and in 2017 it can be replaced by 650S. After that, the 720S was launched at the Geneva Motor Show on 7 March 2017 is developed on a modified carbon chassis, which is lighter and stiffer as compare to the 650S. The McLaren 720S is also one of the fastest supercars in the world that offers the average top speed of 710bhp and 211mph.

  1. Hennessey Venom F5

The Hennessey Venom F5 is a forthcoming high-performance sports car built by Hennessey Special Vehicles. The Hennessey Venom F5 has a huge number of fantastic features included. The Venom F5 will be the first exclusively in-house built and developed vehicle from the company including the chassis, bodywork, engine and exhaust system produced by the company through the other bespoke elements. The engine included in the Hennessey Venom F5 has a peak power output of 290mph+ and 1600bhp.

  1. Ford GT

Ford GT is an American mid-engine two-seater sports car developed and marketed by Ford in the year 2004. Ford GT is one of the fastest supercars on the planet which offers aerodynamics and driving behaviour. Ford GT consists of turbos that force its induction, it is further out under the massive aero channels. The intercoolers for the turbos are further out still, in the pod-racer outriggers. This supercar Ford GT offers the average top speed of 646bhp and 220mph.

  1. Jeep Trackhawk

Jeep Trackhawk is one of the fastest supercars in the world. The name is Trackhawk, is developed from ready to challenge physics in an innovative, thrilling and dangerous way. This hot-rod version of the Grand Cherokee is designed to tackle or gear the track.Jeep Trackhawk has a number of amazing features such as all-wheel drive, an eight-speed automatic, and yellow brake callipers are standard. The engine in the Jeep Trackhawk has a peak potential output of 707bhp and 180mph.

  1. BMW M760Li

The BMW M760Li is a full-size luxury car manufactured by German automaker BMW and designed by the Nader Faghihzadeh. Firstly, BMV M760Li is developed in the July 2015. The BMW M760Li is the sixth model generation of the BMW 7 Series. This supercar is the powerful, fastest supercar fastest road-going BMW ever made. The engine in the BMW M760Li has a peak power output of 155 mph and BMW M760Li develops 602bhp.

  1. McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is a mid-engined sports car manufactured by McLaren Automotive. McLaren Senns is also one of the fastest supercars in the world due to its enhancing features. This McLaren Senna is a limited-production. The car is the latest addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series. All cars will be built by hand at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, England. This supercar McLaren Senna provides the average top speed of 789 bhp.

  1. Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Lamborghini Huracan Performante has become the fastest supercar in the world. It takes the concept of super sports cars and take the notion of performance to levels never seen before. The vehicle has been re-engineered and has exclusive characteristics as regards its weight, engine power, chassis and above all by introducing an innovative system of active aerodynamics. Apart from this, its extraordinary technological and advanced properties, it also conveys an innovative idea of beauty. The engine in the Lamborghini Huracan Performante has a peak power output of 641bhp and 205mph.

  1. Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid is a sports car comes with an innovative, performance-oriented hybrid strategy. Porsche also is greasing the skids for the unavoidable hybridized 911. Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid features the exclusive kit of chassis magic as standard in the Turbo S E-Hybrid, consisting adaptive dampers and anti-roll bars, an electronically managed limited-slip differential, and carbon-ceramic brakes. This supercar Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid offers the average top speed of 670bhp and192mph.

  1. Apollo Intensa Emozione

The Apollo Intensa Emozionehe is an oncoming, mid-engined sports car from Apollo Automobile, designed by their Chief Designer Joe Wang. This is the first vehicle developed by Apollo since the Gumpert Apollo. This supercar is also called the IE. IE is an abbreviation for the name ‘Intensa Emozione’. The car was fully divulged on October 24, 2017. The Intensa Emozione is generated in cooperation with Manufattura Automobili Torino and Autotecnica Motori. The engine which is included in the Apollo Intensa Emozionehe has a peak potential output of 769bhp and 208mph.

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